Principal's Message

Good Evening ERMS Students & Families, 

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. Our fall sports are in full swing and our students are engaged in the classroom. I hope that you will have the chance to attend a home game soon. 


Monday: Cross County at Burns 

Tuesday: Golf at Cleghorn and Soccer at ERMS 4:15 PM

Wednesday: Football at CHASE High School 7:00 PM (Kickoff time has changed due to a home soccer game) 

Thursday: Soccer at Chase Middle School 4:15 PM

We appreciate all your assistance in helping our year get started well.  Please continue to notify the school for all Covid-related testing and quarantine questions. With the high community Covid numbers we can not accept any food deliveries from outside of the school at this time.  Please make sure to tell any family members who have typically brought or sent food to schools during the lunch period. We will continue to monitor this throughout the school year and make any necessary changes. Thank you for your understanding and assistance in keeping our students and staff safe!

On Monday, we will kick off Rutherford County Schools McNair Foundation Get REAL week as we focus on activities for our students highlighting college opportunities.  There will be activities posted on Canvas and daily prizes available for our students.  Please encourage your child to share this information and have discussions about it each day.

Spirit Week also begins on Monday. Please dress up and have fun with us. 

Monday: Tie Dye Day

Tuesday: Jersey Day / Sports Day

Wednesday: ERMS Colors Day

Thursday: Luau Day

Friday: Tacky Day

Please check your student’s academic progress in Canvas and reach out to your student’s teacher if you have any questions. We are very proud of each student at ERMS. 

Don’t forget that if you have a Parent Observer Account in Canvas you can:

  •  View communications from teachers to students with class updates and announcements
  •  View a calendar of student assignments
  •  View student Canvas Classes
  •  View student assignments in each class
  •  View teacher feedback on student assignments
  •  View current student grades
  •  Receive notifications when student’s assignments are graded by teachers.

Please click on the link for more information regarding Canvas for Parents. You can also reach out to Cheryl Davis ITF at or call 828-245-3750 if you have any questions regarding Canvas. 


Have a great week! 


Dr. Lindsay H. Walker