East Rutherford Middle School
Preparing Students Today for Success Tomorrow
ERMS Teachers post grades and assignments in Canvas (parent link).  
Teachers update grades in Canvas at least once weekly.   
Parents are encouraged to set up a 
parent observer account to view student progress.  
Teachers are posting grades weekly to Canvas.  
With a 
Parent Observer Account you will have anytime access to your child's progress.  
 There are 2 ways to create a parent observer account.  
 Parent Access

     -  If you plan to access from a desktop or a laptop computer, click here.    
     -  If you wish to use a mobile device (phone, tablet, iPad, etc...), click here for instructions.  

Institution address for parents:  https://rcsnc.instructure.com/login/canvas/

**** To link yourself to a student, you will need to enter a student-specific pairing code 
that will link you to the student. Pairing codes will expire in seven days. 
Students can generate pairing codes from their User Settings. 

***If you are a Rutherford County Schools Employee, please supply a personal email address. 

If you have any questions, contact Angie Steed, ERMS Instructional Technology Facilitator, at dhensley@rcsnc.org if you have problems creating, accessing, or using your parent observer account